Sunday, June 1, 2008

Living with macular degeneration

Dad has macular degeneration. If one picture could decribe how it is to live with someone with macular, this is it.
He took the calendar down to write on it when he planted his carrots but put it back saying he could'nt read it. Of course he turned it upside down when he took it down, for me, this is a common thing.


Dan Hoke said...

Interesting. I've spoken with my eye doctor about macular degen since it's supposed to be hereditary. He said there not much I can do except not smoke.

I'm curious, is the calendar upside down just because it's hard to see? Or does MD also cause up and down to get mixed up, kind of like dyslexia?

LlamasO said...

The calendar is upside down because he don't know which end is up and he can't see either way. I don't think its like dyslexia but I'm not sure.