Monday, April 27, 2009

Got Muscles?

I got some muscles today. There yummy. They are bigger than most muscles so the yucky stuff inside that you don't taste on the little one's you can and do taste on these. I think its the poo track. Its funny no one here eats these muscles?

Friday, April 24, 2009

We've had alot of problems with Mr Wilson. We gave him to to neighbors and he came back. He made love to all of his hens and all of ours. He beat up his son, Mr Wilson Jr. and kept him from eating for many days. Today I caught him, after only about 27 miles of chasing him around the farm with a big ol' salmon net. We clipped his wings and sent him home. Mr Wilson Jr was so happy to have his home and hens back. He eye ball"ed the food but made love to 2 hens before settling down for a good meal. Things are back to normal for now. But tomorrow is another day!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Extreme Woodcutting

Here is Dad clearing out a trail over the falls so I can climb out and cut this log off so we can cut it up for firewood. Oh yea, he's blind and can't hear, but for the few of us who do extreme woodcutting that doesn't stop us. Sure there are easier logs to cut, but we would'nt be extreme woodcutters if we cut the easy ones. Near the end of the clip notice a small log over the river, another challange another day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shebas bed is done

Yep, Shebas bed is done. We went with Tiger felt. She has forgot about sleeping with Dad. She loves her bed.

We're done planting tree's. We planted 57 fir trees, 38 alder trees, 9 cascara, 4 maple, 2 cedar, 1 ash. They were not bareroot, they were all potted and needed a real hole dug to plant.

My niece got married. I didn't go. I don't go to weddings, just funerals. At funerals no one can talk back to you, or at least the host or hostess can't.