Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shebas bed is done

Yep, Shebas bed is done. We went with Tiger felt. She has forgot about sleeping with Dad. She loves her bed.

We're done planting tree's. We planted 57 fir trees, 38 alder trees, 9 cascara, 4 maple, 2 cedar, 1 ash. They were not bareroot, they were all potted and needed a real hole dug to plant.

My niece got married. I didn't go. I don't go to weddings, just funerals. At funerals no one can talk back to you, or at least the host or hostess can't.


Dan Hoke said...

Wow, that bed's nicer than mine! That is one spoiled doggy!

Ruby said...

Lucky Sheba