Sunday, July 19, 2009


The neighbor called last night and one of them big round bales of hay fell off a truck about a mile up the road. Dad and I went and got it and he wanted to ride home on top of the hay. We picked up hay a couple of weeks earlier and he wanted to ride atop it also but I didn't let him because we were along ways from home. But this time we were only a mile away so he did it. When we got home he said it wasn't as fun as when he was a kid. I told him he was sitting on a pitchfork and that might not be comfortable. But at 94, blind and deaf, he got to ride atop a load of hay coming down a mountain road.


Dan Hoke said...

This is important... the not sitting on a pitchfork part.

LlamasO said...

Yes, rule #1, pain hurts.